Can You Get Pregnant from Precum?

Having an intimate relationship with another person can lead to pregnancy and that is something most people are scared of, especially if they are not ready to take on such big responsibility. Of course, there is always some other options to consider such as abortion, but that is another topic that we might cover some other time. Now, we are here to talk about something more common and that is precum. If you don’t know what precum is, then you are either a woman or you have never had an intimate relationship. The reason for that is because pre-cum is a term that is used to describe the fluid that comes out of the penis head long before the sperm.

During an intercourse, the vagina is releasing all kinds of juices that are lubricating the area natural way and those juices are nothing you should be scared about. However, something that should concern you is precum that is coming out of a penis head. If you are having a protected sex, then you shouldn’t worry about this, but if you are not, this is the right time to educate yourself about precum. We have gathered all the information that you need to know about this strange fluid.

Possibility of Sperm

sexPrecum when coming out of the penis can, in fact, contain small amounts of sperm that can get a woman pregnant. Despite what some people say that precum is different fluid and it doesn’t have any sperm, you should always be careful when having unprotected sex. One thing you should know is that you can definitely get pregnant from precum, but the chances of that happening are extremely low. Precum in itself doesn’t contain any sperm at all, but when it is coming out of the penis, it is going through the same canal as sperm.

This way if you had sex earlier that day some sperm is left inside that small canal and when precum is coming out it can be mixed with some “leftover sperm”. There are some ways people are trying to avoid this such as going to the toilet immediately after the intercourse in order to clear the canals from any sperm, but even that isn’t the safest option. Methods such as that have failed many times before and it can happen to you also if you are not careful. Sperm can live up to three days inside a human body, so if you have recently had sex, make sure to let the other person know there is a low chance she will get pregnant.

Safe Sex

The easiest way to avoid any possibility of unwanted pregnancy is to always have safe and protected sex. This means that you should always use either a condom or any other preventive such as birth control pills. Definitely, the safest option of them all is a condom because it protects both of you from STDs and pregnancy. Of course, condoms can break, but pills can also fail. The chances of that happening are very slim but there is still a chance.