What is the Best Tasting Protein Powder?

Getting the summer body that you want is sometimes not that easy and you will need to use some helping supplements such as creating or protein powder. Usually, people choose to drink protein powder because it is a very easy way to get all the protein that you need for the entire day. Also, creatine doesn’t taste good as protein powder, so if you are looking for something that has a great taste, we strongly suggest using protein powder over any other supplement.

Most people who never used protein before always ask what the best tasting protein powder is because they don’t want to waste their money on something they won’t enjoy drinking. Well, giving an answer to this question isn’t that easy, but we will try to give you some suggestions on what to try and what to avoid when it comes to taste.


If you want to go the safest way that would be to buy a chocolate flavored protein powder because they really taste like chocolate. If you love drinking things such as Nesquik for breakfast, you can easily start drinking a protein powder because the taste is quite similar. Of course, you won’t have that amount of chocolate but still, it is very good when mixed with milk. That is also a good pointer for beginners, you should always mix the powder with milk and not water if you are concerned about the taste. However, if you want to drink the shake more times per one day, that would be hard with milk. That’s why it is also drinkable with regular water, the taste won’t be the same, but you can still enjoy the chocolate flavor.

If the chocolate flavored one is tasting very funny and you don’t like it, then there should be some problem with the date of use. Make sure to check the date on the packaging before you drink any more of the powder. Protein powders can stay good for up to a year if you don’t open them. After a year they will go bad and you will feel that with the flavor.


If you are not satisfied with chocolate or you don’t like chocolate for some reason, then you have various other options such as strawberry or vanilla. We would suggest that you go with a more simpler option like vanilla because in most cases vanilla flavored powders are really good tasting. Most of the powders are designed to be used with milk or with water, but there are some that can be mixed with only water or only milk and you should avoid buying those because you want to have that option. Of course, you can go to your local store where you buy all the supplements and ask them what flavors they have and their opinion. If you find one flavor that you want to try because you know that you love it such as strawberry, then go ahead and buy that, you are the only one who knows what you like.