What’s the Difference Between Peanut Butter and Jam Sandwiches

One of the most iconic and popular fillings for a sandwich is peanut butter and jam. If you never tried before a peanut butter and jam sandwich, then you are missing out on something great and you should immediately make yourself one. There are very few people who find this combination of fillings to not be good. Of course, there are people who are allergic to nuts and they cannot eat peanut butter, so make sure that you don’t have such allergy before trying this sandwich.

This type of sandwich is mostly made for little children for breakfast because it is full of nutrients and it will give them a lot of energy because of the sugar. However, there are a lot of adults who still make this sandwich for themselves because they love when their day stars with a great breakfast. We created this article to talk about something more important and that is the differences between peanut butter and jam sandwiches. That’s right, we want to separate these two fillings and take a closer look to see what they really are and what are the main differences. Here is everything that we were able to find about these two great sandwich fillings.


The first and the most obvious difference between these two fillings is the texture itself and you can clearly feel that when you taste them separately. In fact, you don’t even have to taste them to realize the difference in the texture, when you try to put it on a piece of bread, you can see that peanut butter has a much thicker texture and it is harder to put on a bread evenly. A great trick with peanut butter is to heat it up in order to change the texture into more liquidy so you can put it on the bread more easily.

Jam is already in a liquid form, not completely, but just enough so you can really easily smear it on the bread. Some people don’t like the texture of peanut butter and some the texture of jam, but when you combine them into one sandwich, the texture gets mixed and even those people can enjoy this sandwich.

Nutritional content

As you could have guessed the next biggest difference between these two unique fillings is in the nutritional content. Both of the fillings are very healthy for you because they have high levels of protein, especially the peanut butter. They are made out of natural ingredients, peanut butter is almost completely natural so it is slightly healthier option to choose. Even though they are very healthy, you should consume a lot of peanut butter or jam because you will start feeling all kinds of bad things inside your stomach. If you are going to the gym to get fit a very healthy breakfast is to eat peanut butter because it is filled with protein that is required for your muscles to grow. Jam, on the other hand, has also a very important part and that is sugar.