When You Fart Does It Burn Calories?

These days people will do all kinds of weird things just to lose some extra weight, but in some cases that is just not possible. Of course, everyone wants to find an easy way to burn calories, so they don’t have to go to the gym every day, but sadly there isn’t such an easy way. If there was an easier way to burn calories, that is more effective than working out, then people would be doing it all around the world.

The reason why we are talking about burning calories is that we have been getting the same question over and over, so we finally decided to give you all the answer to the question: can you burn calories with farts? If you are one of those people who think your body is burning calories with every fart, then we suggest you stay here on this article to get educated about some basic things such as the human body. In case you still don’t get it, no, you cannot burn calories with farts and there are many good reasons why that is, so if you want to know those reasons we suggest you continue reading this article to find that out.

Fake News

The reason why so many people want to know the answer to this question in the first place is because they have read it somewhere that you can actually burn fat with farting. Of course, we are not blaming you for being curious, you did the right thing, you were looking for proof and you finally find a website where we are going to prove you why it doesn’t burn calories. Unfortunately, there is plenty of those type of magazines and websites online that are generating so-called fake news just to get attention. As you can guess, those websites that are promoting that you can burn calories with farts are getting a lot of visitors just because of the weird nature of the topic.

Luckily for you, we are not a magazine like that where you will be reading all kinds of fake news that will get you in some very uncomfortable and embarrassing situations. Just imagine if you asked this question or yet tell this to one of your friends who actually know something about the human body and how it works. You would be completely embarrassed because you definitely cannot burn calories this way and everyone who tells you other is a liar and here is why.

Relaxation of Muscles

fartThe reason why we want to talk about the relaxation of muscles is to explain to people why you cannot burn calories this way. When you fart, you are actually not doing any hard work, in fact, your muscles that are responsible for keeping everything inside of you such as farts, they are only getting relaxed when you fart. During the entire day when you are not farting those muscles are tightened up in order to keep those gasses inside. Now for the fun part where we get to explain how this doesn’t contribute to burning calories.

In order to burn calories, your muscles have to be active, that’s why going to the gym or going for a run will burn you a lot of calories. Those big muscle groups in your body such as legs are constantly working, and they are the ones that are burning the calories with activity. Therefore, when you fart, there is absolutely no activity at all that will lead to you burning calories. We truly hope that you have learned something new about your body here and to not trust everything that you find online.